Our Mission

“Effective Pain Relief”

Michael Legel Chief Executive Officer

Michael has made it his goal to build a company that makes us think twice by the way we choose to get better. After experiencing the loss of his father, Michael became painfully aware of some of the issues in the  medical system where good people needed help. This changed his career path and caused him to dedicate his time and passion to the medical industry with a mission in life to find preventative measures that will change lives. 

Michael graduated from FAU in 2006 with a double major. He is the founder of SafeCare Medical, Montana Allen Productions and Retail Creator. He is the former president of GCPPA and Director of Business Development for CCP.  He currently holds roles as the future President of the Stroke Research Foundation(strokerf.org) and holds a role with the Patriot Project (patriot-project.org. His unique 10 year journey has made him fully prepared to take First Alternatives into a exciting era of growth for everyone involved.

Brenda Legel, LMT, Chief Operating Officer

Brenda has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999, specializing in Lymphatic Drainage and Medical Massage Therapy. She has worked at Imperial Point Medical Center with the Healing Arts Center and Shangri-La Day Spa doing medical and therapeutic massage.

Her passion for restorative healing and relieving pain has inspired her to learn about different massage modalities such as hot and cold stone therapy, cupping, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and cranial sacral. She studied and worked with different S.C.E.N.A.R, reaction tens and tens devices using Avazzia, NRG, Denas, and RITM devices.


Jason Gray, Chief Information Officer

Jason is an Attorney in the State of Florida. He is responsible for adding on new product development.

David Edwards, Director of Business Development

First Alternative’s Director of Business Development, David F. Edwards, is a highly analytical, legal and business focused tech savvy professional adept at working in fast-paced environments and managing complex projects. Mr. Edwards has a history of significantly increasing productivity and efficiency everywhere he has worked through streamlining operational processes and resources.

Eric Lougheed, Office Staff

Responsible for following up on opportunities and providing basic training for all FA customers

Edvin Worley, Office Staff

​Managing day-to-day operations including invoicing, order-taking, and shipping.

Josh Steppling, Chief Creative Officer

Handling all Marketing and Design Projects

Amber Conner, Office Staff

Amber handles insurance submission questions and ensures all submission codes are met.